LG have found a new lease in life thanks to the flagship device the LG Optimus G. it has become a popular device around the world and even Japan got in on the act with a bigger and more powerful device earlier in the year, which had the name of the Optimus G Pro. Now it seems that LG have not given up on tweaking the line-up of handsets.

PhoneArena has reported about a spec sheet which says that company are about to release a new handset that bears resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. They said that the handset would have a display of 5.5 inches that is full HD, the processor would be the quad core 1.7GHz quad core from Snapdragon, it would have a camera of 13 megapixels, 2GB of RAM, support for 4G LTE, 32 GB of storage, supports external storage and comes with a battery of 3140mAh.

So while it may look like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it is likely what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be like given the hardware mentioned above.

The device has the name of the LG Optimus G Pro and it will be making its way out in South Korea some time later in the year. If true it may be in for a collision course with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro

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