Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Killer Rears Its Head

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Are you ready to hear the best rumour about an Android device from this week? We have heard about some of the first details of a possible HTC flagship handset that could be competition for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The handset is said to be called the HTC T6 and it would arrive with some very impressive specs along with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Yes this could be the first handset to have Key Lime Pie installed and there are plenty of thrills when it comes to the hardware too. EVLeaks and Unlockr got information that said the T6 will come to the market with a large display of 5.9 inches and it would have a resolution of 1080p.

It will have the Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz quad core along with 2GB of RAM and it will offer 16GB of storage. If the specs of this monster are true then it looks as though the prayers of fans of HTC have been answered as the handset is also said to be coming with a battery of 3300mAh. This would be a large jump up from the battery of the HTC One, which is 2300mAh.

Rumour has it that HTC have learned from their past mistakes and they are including support for MicroSD card in the T6. This means there will be an additional 16GB of storage. Of course at the moment there has been no confirmation of any of this, but if it is the real deal Samsung will have some competition on their hands.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a superb device, so maybe we could see even better specs than these on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? We cannot wait for the end of year to find out if this becomes a reality. Do you like the idea of the HTC T6?

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