Samsung Does More For Galaxy S7 Than Galaxy S6

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It seems that Samsung has a favorite and this is the Samsung Galaxy S7. It looks like they are doing more for the S7 than they are doing for the S6. We say this as the S7 is getting the Blue Coral color option from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is also going to be given the Grace UX launcher, while the S6 duo is going to be left high and dry.

Samsung just revealed that they are releasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Coral Blue and this is the bright metallic blue that was offered on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However the Note 7 was here briefly and now it’s gone. The color option is going to be made available in Taiwan and Singapore later on this week.

The Coral Blue version of the Galaxy Note 7 was the most popular choice, so this could be the main reason why Samsung has chosen to offer it on the Samsung Galaxy S7. At the moment we don’t know if the blue version is going to be offered globally or whether its just in Asia.