Earlier on this month the Vice President of Capcom was talking at the DICE summit about Resident Evil. They were laying down hints about Resident Evil 7.

” I wouldn’t say [we released] too many. Revelations, Operation: Raccoon City, and Resident Evil 6. So it was a lot in 12 months. And then we’re bringing Revelations to consoles and PC in a few months. But after that, you’re going to see us scale back, take stock of what worked and what didn’t work, and think about what the future of the franchise is.”

Resident Evil 6 did not go down very well with fans or the critics and it has been said that Capcom were down by 2 million on estimated 7 million sales targets. Even though the game had sole well when it first came out, Capcom said it subsequently lost its momentum, resulting in the failure to achieve planned sales and fulfil its role as a driver of sales expansion.” The game has been cut down to $19.9 at Best Buy and other retailers.

Fans of the game had said that Resident Evil 6 had turned away from being a survival horror game and instead it was more like an action game, some said it was as though they were playing Call of Duty. Everyone who played it has said that the scary factors have been missing and the fact that there were three different story lines had been confusing.

“Well, you have to understand, we have a couple different sets of Resident Evil fans. We have those who love Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica, and Zero, and then we have those who came along during the RE4 era and like things a little more action-oriented, and RE5 even more [action-oriented]. And then RE6 was even more action-focused than that.

“The hard part is taking all these things and figuring out how to make something for everyone. That was especially the aspiration of RE6. I don’t know that it worked out exactly the way we hoped, but moving forward, I think you’re going to see a bit more focus – as opposed to trying to be all things for all people.”

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Resident Evil 7 will have more focus. RPS did say that there wouldn’t be “anymore disjointed mishmashes of shooting, horror, action, vehicle segments, frustrating on-rails marksmanship, and so many other genre giblets. Or at least that seems to be the goal. “We just hope that this will be case as we would hate for the game to spiral down and out. Resident Evil Revelations is coming out on 21st May on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and the Wii U.

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