Resident Evil 7 Puts Blinds Over RE2 Remake

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Fans of Resident Evil are waiting for the arrival of Resident Evil 7 but for now Capcom is hoping to distract them with demons that they have been launching over several months to fill in the gap.

We have seen demos released for Resident Evil 7 and it is looking as though we can expect to see more. Capcom has launched a new teaser telling fans about a playable demo of the game. The latest video to be released is the 10th in what Capcom called a short series and it is said to be the last.

Just as expected the latest in the teasers is as cryptic and brief as the others have been and it looks at the tune played in the E3 2016 trailer for Resident Evil 7. This time around the tune can be heard hummed very softly, while the protagonist approaches a woman who is sat in a wheel chair. The woman stops humming the tune and then turns her head around and looks at the player.

The demo is being called the Tape 3 Resident Evil and Capcom only announced the month of release and not the exact date. The Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil 7 didn’t come with gameplay from the game but as we get closer to the arrival of the release date for Resident Evil 7 Capcom may take more chances to reveal more about the game.

The company has estimated that Resident Evil 7 will sell around 4 million copies when it is first launched. This is very optimistic when compared to the other Resident Evil games. Capcom had stated that Resident Evil 6 would sell 7 million copies, but it actually performed poorly. Resident Evil 5 sold 5.8 million copies but it did take them two years to do so.

Resident Evil 7 is going to launch on 24 January and it will arrive on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but do you think it will sell the estimated 4 million copies on its launch?

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