Resident Evil 7 Not Restricted To PS4 & Xbox One After All?

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Call of Duty Ghosts, Destiny, Final Fantasy and Battlefield 4 are a few of the big games that will be revealed at E3 this year. Rumours, however, are saying that Capcom is planning to make a resident Evil announcement already. The company only revealed RE6 at the end of 2012, so RE7 might be for the next generation of consoles – the PS4 and the Xbox One.

E3 is the event at which developers and publishers show what they’ve got, so get everyone excited for future releases. Capcom has said it’s re-releasing RE: Revelations after porting it to the 3DS. Will this leave the company anything to reveal at E3, though?

An online poster is about, and this confirms that Resident Evil 7 will be shown off at E3 – the promotional poster bears the legend “The War Ends Now”.

This poster looks real, but anyone with half an idea about Photoshop will know such a poster can be rigged up to fox gamers.

If Capcom was to bring out another Resident Evil game so quickly after the last one, fans will want it to be out on the new consoles, as well as the PS Vita.

It’s possible that fans might be annoyed if Resident Evil 7 is revealed for the current consoles so soon after RE6, which came out in October 2012. Has Capcom just joined the throng of games companies like EA and Ubisoft, in releasing annually? Or is Resident Evil 7 a next-gen console game that it’s been working on for a while?

A lot of gamers reckon the Resident Evil 7 poster is a fake, so we will have to wait and see. What do you think? What would you like the new game to be like?

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