We have been treated to a look at ongoing trailers for Resident Evil 7 and they revealed the first person combat and it shows us that the combat of Resident Evil 4 looks very easy when compared to it.

There does seem to be a lack when it comes to aiming and guns are unwieldy and clumsy. Another thing that the trailers showed us about Resident Evil 7 was one of the main villains being taken down. This did lead us to believe that perhaps only a few key enemies may be taken out, Nemesis style.

The second of the videos revealed how healing works. Of course everyone knows that herbs are coming back, but we didn’t know how they were being used. The trailer showed them combining them with chem fluid and they are used to make a balm that soothes.

Resident Evil 7 pre-orders come with a separate herb and chem fluid packs and this leads us to think that perhaps this isn’t the only way that the ingredients may be used. Perhaps there is going to be a system along the style of The Last Of Us.

But what do you think about the trailers and Resident Evil 7, are you looking forward to fighting in the game?

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