There was a lot of hype for Street Fighter 5 before it arrived but the game wasn’t the hit that it was supposed to be. Now attention has turned to Resident Evil 7, but can it answer to the failure of Street Fighter and boost sales that have slipped for Capcom?

When asked about the drop in sales Capcom put it down to the arrival of VR consoles. They said that they were focusing on launching some minor titles, while major games would be arriving in the second half of the year. One of the upcoming games is Resident Evil 7 and they are confident that the game is going to do well for them.

But will Resident Evil 7 be able to do what Street Fighter 5 wasn’t able to do and what do people think about the developer?

Gamers weren’t too happy with Street Fighter being made an exclusive to the PS4 of course but then others said not to worry as owners of the Xbox One were not missing out on anything special. Overall it does look as though people believe that Capcom will mess things up with games that they are bringing out and many are hoping that this isn’t going to apply to Resident Evil 7.

Capcom isn’t in favour with gamers at the moment and many have said that they don’t care about the company losing money as they have offered games that really haven’t been finished upon release and they just look for ways to get gamers to spend their money.

Gamers can remember when the Resident Evil series was good and many are hoping, but perhaps not quite believing, that Resident Evil 7 is going to turn the fortunes of the company around again as it will be good.

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