Resident Evil 2 Remake: Fans Get Some Reassurance From Upcoming Installment

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While Capcom got the first remake correct fans have been worrying since it was announced that they would make a remake of Resident Evil 2.

They have been worrying that Capcom is going to mess up Resident Evil 2. While some people want to see a bit of a change to the story along with gameplay changes, there are some who believe that it would be better if they just stuck with the original, but ensure that the graphics are better.

Really fans want Resident Evil 2 to be more engaging, just as the original game was. If they manage to do this then the remake should be good and gamers will like it.

A demo and trailer was recently shown of gameplay from the remake of Resident Evil 2 and from that we can tell that some horror is coming back into the game. Fans are now a little bit happier, but of course they will still worry until the game comes out and they can play it.

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