PS3: Dragonborn, Hearthfire & Dawnguard Prices Confirmed (Skyrim)

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Bethesda has given out new information about the price of the 3 DLC packs for Skyrim for the PS3.

PS3: Skyrim Dawnguard, Dragonborn & Hearthfire price confirmed

The Skyrim DLCs are set to make their way to the PS3 next month and Bethesda has said that they will come with a discount of 50% during the first week of their launch. While saying this they did not actually say how much the DLC packs would cost.

The answer to this came last Monday when Hines said that Skyrim Dawnguard and Dragonborn will have a price of $19.99 and Hearthfire will cost $4.99 reports TheExaminer.

This means that with the 50% discount in the week of their launch they would be $10 and $2.50. If you own the PS3 Skyrim game you will be able to download the content next month, however at the moment there isn’t an exact release date.

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