Microsoft will be pulling the covers off the Project Scorpio console this year at E3 2017 and while all the reports and leaks suggest that the Scorpio will be one amazing console to own, a lot of people think that Microsoft can only sell them in the US.

It is not because the fans in the other regions are not interested but it has been estimated that the Project Scorpio might be coming with a $500 price tag in the US. If that is true, the console could easily cost $600 to $700 outside of the US.

While we do understand what the console will be offering, we don’t think that many fans would be willing to pay so much for a console. Especially since all of the exclusive Xbox game will eventually make their way to the PC. Is there any real reason to get the Project Scorpio when it arrives?

Of course, some people are still hoping that it might come with a $399 price tag like the PS4 Pro but looking at what the console can do and what it has to offer, we don’t think Microsoft will actually settle for $399.

Would you get the new Xbox console if it does come with a $500 and above price tag?

Mario Caballero

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