Staff at Ubisoft gave hints that we could see some more of Prince of Persia in the future and of course this got fans of the game excited. The Tweet came with images from the Prince of Persia game that came out some time ago and it had a question mark on it that said, what’s next for Prince of Persia? This gave people reason to believe that we would see a new game coming out.

The Twitter account belonged to Drew James and it was taken down not long after it was posted. However Ubisoft have not revealed anything and the only thing that we heard was that the Prince of Persia: Sand of Time was going to be given free for one month.

The last game of Prince of Persia came out in 2008, so there are many who would like to see a new version of the game come out soon. So are you waiting for a brand new game to come your way?

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