Prince of Persia was the focus of a teaser Tweet and this led many people to think that a new game would be coming out this year. However no game showed up at the E3, which led people to think it would come at Gamescon, but it didn’t. So it has gone missing not once but twice.

Earlier on in the year there was a big teaser going around that we may see more Prince of Persia at some point in the future. Of course this led many to say that a new version of the game would be coming out. People thought that Ubisoft would launch it at the E3 but it never arrived. The only thing we got was that Prince of Persia Sand of Time was going to be given away for that month.

Ubisoft wanted to celebrate their 30th anniversary and so they offered up Prince Of Persia free for a month.

But we still think that we could be seeing more of Prince Of Persia in the future and the big tease wasn’t just about the free giveaway.

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