Prettier Sibling Of Toyota Prius Is Getting All The Attention

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One of the best green vehicles on the market at the moment is the Toyota Prius. However there is one thing that lets the vehicle down and this is the looks of it. The Prius is said to be ugly and so this puts many people off from purchasing it.

You can have a Prius that comes with better looks though thanks to its sibling the Lexus CT. Just like the Prius it comes with the hybrid powertrain and this offers around 43mpg when travelling in the city and when out on the highway around 40mpg.

The price difference between the Toyota Prius and the Lexus CT isn’t all that big. You can get the entry level Prius for $26, 675 and the CT comes in with a price tag in the region of $31, 250. So for around $4,000 more you are going to get a vehicle that offers more comfort, plenty of technology, better looks and it offers a driving experience that is more refined.

At the moment the Lexus CT isn’t getting the attention it deserves though, but what do you think, should it get more attention than the Toyota Prius?

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