Porsche 911 Takes Out Audi R8 In Best 2016 Save

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Since 2016 we have seen numerous video clips of the Audi R8 performing what has to be called some insane saves to avoid some ugly crashes. This includes on public roads and on the track, as the R8 has always managed to get itself out of a tough situation.

Now we have seen a video of a superb save but it wasn’t from the Audi R8, instead it was from the Porsche 911 and it happened when the vehicle was going around a track. The vehicle was trying to overtake the Megane RS, however it went far too wide in the turn and went too fast.

This meant that the Porsche 911 went into a sharp skid. However the skill of the driver, with some help from the Stability Management System, saw the vehicle being saved without touching the grass. The driver said that had the tyres gone onto the grass, the car was going to crash.

Check out the video of the amazing save below.

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