Pokemon X & Y Mayhem! (Roundup)

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If you are a fan of Pokemon you will be very happy to hear more news along with a round-up of rumours about the upcoming Pokemon X and Y, exclusive to the internet this month. There has been a lot of talk about a sequel to the game, along with a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity DLC in Europe and a new 3DS XL in Japan.

First some news about Pokemon X and Y. This is to be the largest release of a Pokemon game since Pearl and Diamond. There has not been a lot of news about it but we have heard that there will be four new Pokemon, along with the region being Kalos in France. It has been said that players can ride their Pokemon, whether this will be all we are not sure, but Gogoat is ride-able. At the moment we don’t know a lot about how the game is to work, gameplay reveals have been promised.

There should be a lot of news at the E3, on 11th June, the first day, Game Freak are holding a round table and this will last for one and a half hours. This is where they will be able to talk about Pokemon X and Y.

Some have been asking if Pokemon X and Y will be holding a question and answer section, and yes there will be.

The event will be held on 11th June and it should bring more news about CoroCoro. The event will take place eleven hours following the Wii U Nintendo Direct event. There will be some material for the 3DS shown at Nintendo Direct and it is thought that Pokemon X and Y will not make an appearance.

Fans were teased by Tecmon Koei and president of the Pokemon Company, when they said that some material was missing from Pokemon Conquest and this could indicate a sequel, if fans of the game wanted it of course. A Pokemon 3DS game would be great.

Over in Japan fans of the game are in for a treat because they will be getting a new 3DS LL which was inspired by Eevee. The 3DS XL is called the LL over in Japan. The tech is cute, but there is some bad news for those in the US as it is not being made available. In Japan you cannot buy one either, those wanting it will go into a lottery for the chance to be able to get one. The new 3DS is better than the previous one with Pikachu on it; this one was available in the US.

If you are in Europe there is some good news if you own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, as there are six new dungeons coming your way in DLCs. Poke Forest is just one of these and fans can get this free of charge for a month. Others are to be offered freely and some of them are places where you can store items and there are some that are a challenge.

Fans in Japan are able to shoot for a Red Genesect NFC figure, which can be used in Pokemon Scramble U; this has not been revealed internationally. Pokemon Fusion is to offer Generation One Pokemon and this is to come with a hybrid Pokemon, which players could choose. If we had the choice we would choose either Belldrio or Magneusaur. Over at Kataku you can get a stuffed Pokemon toy.

We have not heard anything about Pokemon Black and White 2, so this may mean it could be the end of a generation as we get even closer to release. So for now we will have to wait and see what happens.

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