Some information concerning the new Pokemon has been revealed to us by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro. They have revealed details about a group of Pokemon that with be making their way to Pokemon X and Y and have also provided us with information concerning the types of Pokemon that we are already familiar with.

We have given you the names below, but take into consideration that at this moment in time they may be just the Japanese names.

These are the new Pokemon heading to Pokemon X and Y:

Goronda – this is the aggressive Pokemon who is the evolution of the Pokemon that was formerly known as Panda Fighting Pokemon Pancham. It has the Iron Fist ability and has the ability to learn Hammer Arm. Goronda belongs to part of the Fighting/ Dark Type Pokemon and is located on the second page of the CoroCoro scan.

Xerneas – this legendary Pokemon can be spotted on the box of Pokemon X. Xerneas has the exclusive ability to learn the Geo Control move. It belongs to part of the Fairy types of Pokemon and has the Fairy Aura ability with which Fairy Type attacks are boosted.

Yveltal – this legendary Pokemon can be found on the front of Pokemon Y. Yveltal has the exclusive ability to learn the Death Wing move. It is part of the Dark/Flying types of Pokemon and comes with the Dark Aura ability that boots Dark Type attacks.

Shushupu – this perfume Pokemon belongs to part of the Fairy Type. It knows Aromatherapy and comes with the Healer ability. It is the pink bird-like Pokemon that you can see on the top of page four of the CoroCoro scan.

Maika – this is the revolution Pokemon which is a Dark/Psychic Type Pokemon with the Suction Cup and Contrary abilities. It is also capable of learning the new move Turn Over, which is a Dark Type move and reverses any changes made to stats. The jellyfish-like Pokemon is located on page three of the CoroCoro scan.

Karamanero – this is the reversal Pokemon and it is the evolution of Maika. This Pokemon knows Hypnosis and belongs to part of the the Dark/Psychic Type.

Peropuff – this is a Fairy Type Pokemon and it comes included with the new ability Sweet Bell, that stops it from falling asleep. It also knows a new move called Drain Kiss. It is the Cotton Candy Pokemon which resembles cotton candy and can be spotted on page five of CoroCoro.

That’s all for the new Pokemon, however the CoroCoro scans do show us new information about Pokemon X and Y in general.

On the bottom of page five of the CoroCoro scans two new Gym Leaders have been named as Zakuro (on the right) and Shitoron (on the left). We have no details as to what their Gym Types are yet.

The Professor in the game goes by the name of Professor Platane and it is thought that you will be in battle with him every so often.

Team Flair is the ‘Team’ that belongs to the Kalos region and their mission is to get rich.

The spirit sword Pokemon Honedge, that was revealed not long ago, has the ability No Guard.

The previously revealed Clauncher and Peropuff are exclusive to Pokemon X.

The previously revealed Skrelp and Shushupu are exclusive to Pokemon Y.

New features have been announced by PSS also. Miracle Trade, which has been said to allow “exciting trade” with people globally. HoloCaster, which provides you with up to date news on the Pokémon Global Link. O Powers, which works in a similar way to Pass Powers to use and receive from other players. Happy Sign, which shows the actions and feelings of your friends. The PSS also shows connectivity with the Global Trade Station.

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