Pokemon Sun & Moon: Who Are These New Characters?

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Fans of Pokemon will be pleased to hear that the Pokemon Company along with Nintendo have just revealed a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon that shows off the new Pokemon characters. It also gives a bio and provides us with information on two of the new characters.

The Alolan Grimer has been included in the trailer with the Alolan region evolution of Muk. So who are the new characters?

Silvally is a normal Pokemon who changes its type when you put exclusive items into the drive which is on its head. It has the Ability RKS System and the Multi-Attack, which is exclusive.

Hakamo-o-Dragon is a fighting type and evolution of Jangmo-o. when fighting if the scales come off they grow back straight away and the amount of scales lost proves how good they are in a fight.

Steenee is a fruit Pokemon and the evolution of Bounsweet. It has a head that is hard and it can attack its opponent with it.

Tsareena evolves into Tsareena and gives out powerful majestic kicks along with using its frangrance to mesmerize the opponent. It has the Queenly Majesty new ability and this stops the opponents from moving.

Ribombee is the evolution of Cutiefly and it collects pollen and nectar and then makes balls of it to throw them at the opponents.

Alolan Grimer feeds on garbage to help keep the garbage problem down. It has teeth made from residual toxins which have crystallized and hardened.

Alolan Musk is the evolution of Alolan Grimer and this has the residual toxin crystals all over its body surface and use them to attack.

There is also going to be two new characters in Pokemon Sun and Moon and these are Olivia, who is the kahuna of Akala Island with extraordinary skills. Ilima is a graduate from Trainers school and a hero in the eyes of students at his former school.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is arriving in North America on 18 November and 23 November in Europe. You can download a demo version at the website of Nintendo from October 18.

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