After all the excitement about Pokemon Sun and Moon coming our way it has now finally arrived and it has captured the hearts of fans. Both the games are very different from how the Pokemon series first began life, with some staples of the series having disappeared altogether and replacements brought in.

While the gyms are no longer in the game you can go to trials and here is where you will find out how powerful both you and your Pokemon are. The Daycare is only a source for eggs; you cannot use it as a way to level up. You can now collect Z crystals for attacks and there is a new tool for helping you to catch some of the rare creatures.

One of the best tips for Pokemon Sun and Moon is to train hard and to keep on training as often as you can. Don’t fall to false confidence and try to battle with some wild creatures and level up and then continue exploring in the game.

You should be able to get through Alola, which is the first island, without training or levelling up, however if you do so you will regret it when you reach the second island. Make sure you get into the habit of battling trainers along with wild Pokemon and this is going to help your team become stronger.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon there is a refresh system and this allows you to earn Affection of anyone on your team, as you take care of them. There are options for grooming along with feeding your Pokemon. Pokemon that are affectionate have 20% CP bonus when fighting and so its easier to level up.

You can also make use of the QR Scanner along with Island Scanner in Pokemon Sun and Moon and this allows you to find out where the rarer Pokemon are hiding. To get the Island scanner you will have to enter ten QR codes.

Are you enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon and do you think that the game deserves all the hype that came before its arrival?

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