If you have caught the Pokemon Sun & Moon bug you might be interested in where you can get EXP gains, so read on.

There are many things that can help you when you go on your journey and one of the most important of these is the Lucky Egg. The easiest way to get hold of this is to collect 50 Pokemon and then go the Research Lab of Professor Kukui, which is close to the in-game house. If you talk to him he will give you one and this means that any monster that has it can gain more EXP. You might also want to take full advantage of Experience Share and Adrenaline Orbs too.

At recommended level 15 Akala Isands Paniola Ranch Miltank will spawn in this region and you can get plenty of EXP rewards if you are patient.

Recommended level 25 and Akala Outskirts is where you will come across Alolan Raticates and they will give you plenty of EXP as they appear around 35% of the time.

Recommended level 35 and Vast Poni Canyon is where the wild encounters of Pokemon get formidable and you can find wild beasts offering level 40 or even higher.

Recommended level 35+and Altar of Sunne or Moone is where you will come across Lycanroc, Machoke and Skarmory, all of which are level at 40 and over.

Recommended level 45+ and Melemele Island Battle Buffet leads to Hau`oli City and up the stairs you can find the Battle Buffet. It will cost you 1,200 to enter but you can EXP battles with level 50 Pokemon. You can only go in once a day and there is a limit of 10 battles per ticket.

So are you catching them all in Pokemon Sun and Moon and getting your hands on those EXP points?

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