Pokemon Sun and Moon has go so much bigger and it’s so big that if you want to download a digital copy you might want to go and get a new SD card as the one that comes with the console is nowhere big enough for the game and others.

The standard SD card that is offered with the Nintendo 3DS is only 4GB and both Pokemon Sun and Moon are big. While there is enough space on the card, there is going to be little room left for installing any other game or saving data.

If you played Pokemon Sun and Moon demo you cannot transfer any data from the demo to the bought game. This means that you need to start the game from the start all over again. This is down to the fact that the standard SD card isn’t big enough for it to hold the game you purchase and the demo version.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were 1.8GB in size when they were launched and we thought that this was big, yet Pokemon Sun and Moon are bigger.

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