If you have played the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo and are liking the game you might want to download the paid version onto your Nintendo 3DS. Well a word of warning if this is something that you are considering as it the game bursts the seams of the Nintendo 3DS SD card.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is large enough to warrant you having to go out and get yourself a new SD card as each game is 3.2GB. The stock SD card that comes with the console is 4GB, which means that there is going to be little space left when you have downloaded the game onto it for anything else. In fact if you wanted both Pokemon Sun and Moon you wouldn’t get them both of the SD card.

Nintendo has also upset a lot of people who played the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon as they have said that you cannot transfer any saved data from the demo onto the bought game. The reason is that the standard card hasn’t got the space to hold the demo and the paid for game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon takes up more space that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire did and these games came in at 1.8GB each.

So your SD card is going to be bursting at the seams if you download Pokemon Sun and Moon and you are going to have little space left over for anything else.

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