Pokemon Sun And Moon Bigger Than You Might Have Thought

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There is little doubt that Pokemon Sun and Moon is going to be a big game, however it may be bigger than you thought and in more ways than one.

Downloads of the demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon tell us that this is going to be a huge game but it is also big in another respect and this is the size of the digital download. If you want to purchase the game and download it you may be amazed at the size and you should be aware that it is going to take up most of the standard SD card.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes in at 3.2GB each and the stock SD that comes with the Nintendo 3DS is just 4GB. If you install the game you are going to have very little by way of space left for anything else. If you want to put both versions onto the card it won’t fit.

Nintendo said that the data from the demo version cannot be transferred to the paid version of Pokemon Sun and Moon and the reason is that there isn’t enough space on the standard SD card.

Gamers thought that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were big at 1.8GB, but Pokemon Sun and Moon are even bigger. But what are your thoughts on the game, is Nintendo taking things too far with the games as they are too big for the standard version of the SD card that comes with the Nintendo 3DS?

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