Pokemon Go Takes Over Tesla Autopilot

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Both Pokemon Go and the Autopilot system of Tesla share something in common; they are both not responsible for players and users. We have been hearing about accidents since Pokemon Go came out and we have also heard about accidents with the Tesla vehicles. However this has been down to the fault of those behind the wheel of the car and those playing the game.
Some people have been putting the blame on Autopilot for accidents as they have turned the system on and not took any notice of safety issues. Perhaps accidents might not have happened had the driver had their eyes on the road.

Recently we saw a video of one driver of the Tesla Model X who was sat in his vehicle playing Pokemon Go.

He said that he uses the Autopilot and this means that his hands are free to do something else. He went on to say that this is something that he has done many times when the conditions on the road are good and he hasn’t come to any harm.

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