Fans of the Pokemon GO were given a new set of Pokemon this week but that is not all Niantic has to offer.

The new set of Pokemon are Gen 3 Pokemons from the Hoenn region but besides catching them out in the open, players can also walk and hatch their eggs now as Niantic announce that all egg hatched now will produce Pokemons from Hoenn region.

This will only be for a limited time so you might want to start hatching those eggs now. A total of 23 new Pokemons were added into the game this week and players can also try their luck at capturing the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre which will be available in Raid Battles from now until the 14th of Feb.

Niantic also released a new event called Community Days. The first event allowed players to catch Pikachu that can the ability Surf. The next event will start on the 24th of February and it will be for the Pokemon Dratini so mark your calendar.

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