Pokemon Go Finally Rewards True Players

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Are you fed up of walking around tirelessly trying to catch those rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go? If so there is some good news as Niantic revealed that a new addition to the game is going to reward the consistent players as they stand a better chance of getting hold of those elusive rare creatures.

Niantic said that medals were awarded when people caught a set number of certain types of Pokemon and it is going to be easier to catch other Pokemon of the same type.

If you catch a lot of fire Pokemon you will stand a better chance of getting hold of Charmander for instance. Whether this means that the chances of you encountering rare Pokemon is going to be more likely or whether it means they will have less chance of being able to run away isn’t clear.

If you catch Pokemon with multiple types, the bonus awarded to the player would the average. Pidgey for example is flying and normal and so in this case your bonus is going to be the average of flying types and normal types.

We don’t know when the new feature is arriving and we don’t know if people who have earned medals already will get the catch bonus. Despite the fact that there has been a drop in people playing the game it has been said that Pokemon Go makes around $2 million per day.

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