We have seen some owners of vehicles putting a warning sign on the back window of their car to warn other drivers that they might stop if they see a Pokemon when playing the game Pokemon Go. This of course is an accident just waiting to happen and it seems that it finally has.

A car crash finally happened when the driver crashed into a tree while playing Pokemon Go. The driver had borrowed his brother’s car and taken it out for a drive, probably with the intention of being able to catch more Pokemon. However it seems that he was so caught up in the game that he didn’t see the tree.

The only bit of good news about the car crash was that the driver managed to escape without any serious injuries and no other vehicle was involved. The car is a different story however and was badly damaged in the crash.

The person who crashed the vehicle did hold his hand up and take full responsibility for the crash and didn’t try blaming it on the maker of the car or Nintendo

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