If you have been suffering blurry vision while playing the PlayStation VR you will be happy to hear that while you are always going to have a bit of blurriness, there are some things that you can do to make the virtual world you are in sharper.

One thing that you absolutely must do when using the PlayStation VR headset is to make sure you are wearing it properly. When you put it onto your head ensure that you move the halo around the top on the nose to make sure that the image is the best focus you can get. You can then tighten it up to keep it in place. Then use the button which is under the visor to move the screen in and out until you get the best image possible. If you spend time with this to get it right it is worth it.

Another thing that can cause the blurring is fog or smudges on the lens of the PlayStation VR and you should wipe it using the cloth that came with it. Don’t use cleaning fluid or water, instead just wipe the lens gently.

The default settings of the PlayStation VR headset usually suit many people, however you can adjust these in the user interface. Head to Settings – Devices – PlayStation VR in the PS4 and try measuring and adjusting the eye to eye distance.

The only way that you can really check to make sure that the PlayStation VR is in focus is to load a game. When you have done this open the quick menu and check to make sure that you can read the text. If there is still some blurring you might want repeat the steps above. If you generally wear spectacles you should be able to fit them inside the headset and this is going to help with blurring that comes from not wearing them.

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