Pickup Truck From Mercedes May Arrive November

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Mercedes Benz are in the middle of making a new pickup truck and it is thought to be heading our way very soon. While Mercedes hasn’t offered us an exact date, we think we know when it might arrive among the luxury ute segment.

If the rumors prove to be true then we can expect to see the Mercedes Benz pickup truck arrive at the Paris Motor Show. If so then we should see it being launched at early on in 2017.

This sounds very exciting of course, if the rumors prove to be true. However Mercedes did say that their focus for the Motor Show in Paris would be the promotion of their EV. Surely if they launched the pickup truck this would spoil the moment for the EV?

The pickup truck market in the US is huge of course and Mercedes realize this and so more than likely the pickup truck is going to be launched on US soil. We think that perhaps it’s more likely that is will be revealed at the LA Auto Show in November.

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