Owner Smashes Ferrari With Baseball Bat But Immediately Regrets It

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If you are a fan of exotic vehicles then you might know the name Rob Ferretti. He is well-known on social media for showing off and driving around in some superb vehicles. Recently he posted a video that actually went sour on him when he smashed the windscreen of his Ferrari using a baseball bat and then immediately regretted it.

In the video below you can see that he wants to change out the windscreen of the Ferrari and so it gleefully takes a baseball bat to it and the result is of course that it crashes and breaks. He has already bought a new windscreen to replace it so it doesn’t matter right?

Wrong actually, because he takes the new windscreen out of the box it is wrapped up in only to find out that the new windscreen has been damaged in transit and it too is broken.

Of course Ferretti tries to keep a look of not being too bothered about it on his face, but fails. Check out his expression in the video below and perhaps he should have checked the new windscreen before actually taking the baseball bat to the Ferrari.

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