The Zombie and Walking Dead fever have died down significantly but despite that people are still looking for to play the Overkill’s The Walking Dead game and here is why.

Despite all the delays and the lack of information, Overkill’s The Walking Dead is still one of the most highly anticipated games of all times. One of the biggest reason why the game has gotten so much attention is because the developer has made it clear that they are working very closely with Skybound entertainment which means we can expect to see a game that has a very close setting to the comics.

We also know that co-op is going to be a big thing in the upcoming game. There are not many games that focus on co-op right now so it is nice to know that Overkill is working towards that.

The game also got a lot of attention because Overkill will be the one working on it. After Payday, fans have high hopes that they will be able to work the same kind of magic on this Walking Dead game.

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