Outlast 2: Shaking With The Beat

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One of the reasons why the Outlast game is so intense and scary is because of the soundtracks in the game. While we wait for the developers to release the new Outlast 2 game, let’s listen to all the soundtrack that the new horror game will have when it arrives.

Red Barrels has just released the new soundtrack album for Outlast 2. The music was composed and produced by Samuel Laflamme. The songs are as chilling as the first soundtrack.

We have already seen the demo for Outlast 2 and it is clear that the developer is taking a new direction with the story this time. Instead of getting stuck with mentally unstable people, we are now thrown into what looked like a cult worshipping village.

Fans have speculated that instead of the physical horrors, the horrors in the new game will all be mental horrors. Despite going the other direction, they still managed to keep the whole intense vibe with the camcorder and the won’t-stay-on glasses.

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