No Man’s Sky: Worst Game Of 2016?

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The hype surrounding No Mans Sky before the game was launched was huge, but the game hasn’t managed to live up to it and now some people are calling it the worse game to come out of 2016.

No Mans Sky has managed to break a lot of records, however not in a good way. Among the records it has managed to see the sharpest decline in people playing the game among the Steam games. It also managed to get the attention of the consumer protection agency over in UK when gamers complained about false advertising of the game.

Now No Mans Sky has managed to achieve another record and this is for the lowest user ratings on Steam. One gamer on Reddit said that it has the most negative overall rating out of 71, 366 reviews and 5, 509 reviews left a rating that was overwhelmingly negative for the game.

According to data from Steam only 12% of reviews that were submitted during the last month have been positive and only 32% of reviews left were in fact positive for No Mans Sky.

So it seems that No Mans Sky is breaking records but it isn’t the records that the developer wanted from the game. But then the game isn’t what was hyped and it isn’t what the gamers wanted it to be.

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