No Mans Sky: Don’t Expect Special Refund From Steam

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One of the biggest disappointments when it comes to games has to be No Mans Sky. The issue hasn’t been with the actual game but with Hello Games. This is due to the fact that the developer made a great deal of promises, which they didn’t actually deliver.

This meant that many people have been left disappointed but at the same time they also felt angry as they have spent a great deal of money on No Mans Sky. There could be some news though and this is that anyone who purchased the game on Steam can get a refund for the game.

There is a problem with the refund though and this is that you need to have played the game for less than two hours in order to be eligible to get the refund. This means that many gamers are not entitled to the refund.

It was thought that due to the mass of disappointment surrounding No Mans Sky, Steam could deviate from the two hour rule. However when we asked them about the rumors going around they said that they were not true and the two hours remains in place.

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