Nissan Leaf Latest Campaign Attacks Tesla Model 3

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In the EV world vehicles are already heading towards a driving range of 200 miles as the very minimum requirement. However this hasn’t put a stop to Nissan and their promotion of the Nissan Leaf as they have been attacking the Tesla Model 3.

In the latest campaign for the Nissan Leaf we were surprised when the car maker went all out and attacked the Tesla Model 3, even though it hasn’t arrived on the market yet.

Of course Nissan didn’t take the direct approach to attack the Tesla Model 3, however it is very obvious that this is the vehicle that they blasted. They attacked Tesla and the fact that the company is taking reservations for the Tesla Model 3 while they don’t have a vehicle to show.

This has led people to question their desires about going green as they did point out the wait for the as yet unconfirmed Tesla Model 3. Nissan did make a point that is strong in their ad; however they may also want to bear in mind that while the Nissan Leaf was once great, today it isn’t as appealing. Perhaps Nissan should focus on offering up a new generation Nissan Leaf that will help them to remain in the EV game.

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