Nissan Leaf Has Beaten Rivals To 100,000 Sales

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The fully electric Nissan Leaf has come out ahead of rivals to be the first vehicle to achieve 100,000 sales. The Chevrolet Volt also reached 100k and it did so before the Leaf, however that is a plug-in hybrid.

Sales of the Nissan Leaf in October were 1,412 and this was a 12% gain and it means that the year to date sales have been 10, 650 and takes them to the milestone of 100,000 sales. This has meant that the Leaf is the first all-electric vehicle to reach that sales mark.

Nissan Leaf sales will weaken though as more plug-ins are coming to the market over in the US. Even though a 30kWh version has arrived on the market it may not be enough to stop the sales from falling.

The Nissan Leaf does happen to be a bit outdated right now and it does need to be seriously updated if people are going to keep on taking the vehicle seriously. It is thought that the next generation Leaf may be around the corner; however there hasn’t been any confirmation yet.
When the upgraded Nissan Leaf does eventually arrive it will be in competition with the Tesla Model S to be the first plug-in to reach 200,000 sales in the US. At the moment the Chevrolet Volt is in the lead in this race, but things could change.

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