Nissan Come Up With Great Way Of Clearing Inventory Of Old Leaf

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The next generation of the Nissan Leaf is being developed but Nissan are still selling the older version. The Leaf that is out now is being promoted by the car maker and thanks to the latest of their marketing campaigns they have seen an incline in the sales of the electric vehicle.

In Canada Nissan is getting rid of the inventory of the old Nissan Leaf in a clever way as they are going through dealer Gabriel Jean-Talon. Things kicked off when a fan of the Nissan Leaf recruited people who like the vehicle.

The group then made their way to the dealer in Canada and they made bulk purchases of the old Nissan Leaf. Thanks to the sheer amount of orders the dealer was able to offer huge discounts on the vehicle and of course there is also the rebate from the government.

It meant that all individuals buying the vehicle in the group got the vehicle from just $12,000. Nissan were woken up by this and now they want to copy the bulk order around the globe. This is going to make way for the next generation of the Nissan Leaf of course.

So will you and your mates be buying the Nissan Leaf in bulk?

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