Nissan 370Z Could Be Replaced By Honda HR-V Rival

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Nissan showed off a concept for a crossover with the name of the Gripz and they said it was a silhouette of the sports cars that comes with a raised ride height. A lot of people weren’t all that happy with that sentence due to the fact that the Gripz could become the replacement of the Nissan 370Z.

Nissan hasn’t denied that a crossover may well be the next X car, but they also haven’t confirmed it either. Many people think that flat out denial would allow everyone to let out a big sigh of pure relief.

The chairman of Nissan in Europe said that the most important factor wasn’t whether we would see a raised Z but what is part of the Nissan branding as part of the heritage of Nissan is dynamic performance. He also said that he wouldn’t rule anything out or anything in and they don’t comment on products that are coming out in the future. However, it was made clear that Nissan was going to put their focus on crossovers.

Only days after the concept of the Gripz was announced renderings of it showed us that it had a lower ride height that had been modified. Many people are hoping that the successor to the Nissan 370Z is going to be more of a traditional sports vehicle than one that has been jacked up.