Nintendo Switch Makes Room For Monster Hunter

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There are numerous developers along with publishers who are supporting the Nintendo Switch since the hybrid console has been revealed and Capcom is just the latest of these. They addressed the console in a letter sent through official capacity.

Capcom even went as far as saying the word Excellent when they talked about the stance on developing the games for the Nintendo Switch. At the same time they addressed some of the issues they have when it comes to cross-platform games that gamers will be able to play on the Switch and PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course Capcom are planning on unleashing the Monster Hunt franchise on the Nintendo Switch as the PS Vita is fast going out of style and some people are expecting to see the demise of the Nintendo 3DS with the arrival of the Switch. If both consoles fail then Monster Hunter is going to need a new home and the Switch is the ideal candidate.

There is a possibility that we may also see Resident Evil 7 on the Nintendo Switch and possibly a new Mega Man game that would be in time for the 30th anniversary along with the cartoon version.

There are numerous ways that Capcom could take advantage of the Nintendo Switch as they own some of the most iconic franchises.

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