Nintendo Reveals Reason Behind NES Classic Departure

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While it was not unexpected, fans were still a little surprise when Nintendo decided to end the NES Classic out of the blue and although Nintendo has not said anything about it yet, Eurogamer might have heard something that could explain why the NES Classic had to go.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo might be looking to offer a new NES Mini this year. Some fans believe that this could be the reason why the NES Classic was taken away. If this us true, we are hoping that Nintendo did learn from their mistake with the NES classic and no repeat them with the NES Mini.

The fans added that they are hoping that Nintendo will actually prepare for the huge demand and come ready with more units in stock, unlike the NES Classic. Others were hoping that Nintendo will offer controllers that have longer cables.

Some fans also added that it would be nice to see some USB port on the NES Mini but others think that Nintendo will not do that as that would allow their users to plug in a third party controller.

What else are you hoping to see?

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