Nintendo Has Plan B For Nintendo Switch By Way Of Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo revealed the first of their teasers about the Nintendo Switch recently and this is going to be a hybrid gaming system that allows gamers to play at home and when out and about.

Many people wanted to know if the Nintendo Switch was going to take over from the Nintendo 3DS and the latter be ditched. Nintendo has now spoken up and it seems that this is something that isn’t going to happen. Nintendo said that the 3DS is going to have a successor and this is going to be announced later, after the debut of the Nintendo Switch.

Of course Nintendo also said something along these lines about the old DS console. They said it wasn’t a replacement for the Gameboy Advance but they it turned out that that was just what happened.

So if the same happens again then the Nintendo Switch may indeed end up as being the Nintendo 3DS replacement. Maybe Nintendo just don’t want people to know right now as it could be that the 3DS will be the plan B for the Switch if the latter doesn’t take off.

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