Nintendo are under the belief that they will be able to sell around 2 million of the Nintendo Switch consoles during the first month of them being on sale. This means that they clearly think that they can rival sales of the PS4.

During this quarter the earnings of Nintendo didn’t look so good. However it seems that the CEO has a much rosier outlook when it comes to the launch of the console.

The Nintendo Switch is going on sale in March 2017, however at the moment there isn’t any clear date as to when the console is going to come out. Nintendo hopes that the bulk of the 2 million figure is going to come from pre-sales orders of the Switch.

This is compared to the 1 million pre-orders of the PS4 and the fact that the PS4 sold 1 million units when it was launched in the US. The Nintendo Wii U was also a hot seller when it first arrived as during the first two weeks of it going on sales more than two millions units were sold in Japan and the US. They did however go on to fall short of the predicted 100 million units.

So is the Nintendo Switch going to go on to be the best-selling console that the company thinks they will be or will it suffer from the same fate as the Wii U?

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