The downside to Nexus handsets is that they are not offered with storage that can be expanded via a microSD card. So with this in mind you wouldn’t think that the handset that is going to succeed the Nexus 6P would offer that option. This means that if you want plenty of storage you are going to have to opt for the 128GB version of the device.

However, when you take into account that the 128GB may cost in the region of $650 you could get hold of the HTC10 instead for the same money and this does come with expandable storage.

Now there is some good news for fans of the Nexus 6P and this is by way of two deals that means buyers can get hold of plenty of storage on the handset and one comes by way of the Amazon Prime Day promotion and the other through the Project Fi carrier service of Google.

You can get the Nexus 6P with Amazon and the handset is priced at $479, which is $20 cheaper than what you can get it for on Project Fi. However the catch here is that the deal is only running for a short time. Google meanwhile hasn’t told us when the expiry runs out for the $150 off deal they have on the handset.

If you buy the Nexus 6P through Google Play Store and you pay the full price of the handset you can then activate the Fi service along with the account you bought the handset and get your refund. A little trick also is to activate the handset on Fi and get your discount and then deactivate it straight away.

So now you can get plenty of storage on the Nexus 6P and not have to pay out a small fortune to do so.

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