Just because devices get older it doesn’t mean that they cannot rock the place and we have recently seen this in a video which shows a fan of the Nexus 6 taking a cheeky swipe at the Google Pixel handset and reminding us that older devices can still pack a punch.

There are a lot of people only interested in the newer handsets, such as the Google Pixel devices but a YouTube viewer posted a video that was almost the same as the one offered by Google to introduce the Pixel but this time around it is highlighting the Nexus 6.

The parody of the video the Nexus 6 is highlighted as being a whale of a device and it shows it in slow motion spinning around, the same as the Pixel one from Google does. This of course brings to mind that Google does keep a design language that is similar for many of the products they launch. It also gives a spin on just how new each of the iterations really is.

There are some features on the Nexus 6 that Google didn’t think were needed on the Pixel handsets and these include the speakers on the front and wireless charging and of course these are pointed out in the video.

The YouTube video also shows the owners shots of the Nexus 6 and the whole result is very funny. It includes some official renders of the handset mixed with handy cam shots in comedic gold, which do have you laughing out loud.

But do you think the Nexus 6 is better than the Google Pixel handsets?

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Mario Caballero

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