Nexus 6 Could Be Inspiration For New Pixel Handsets

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When the Nexus 6 came out a lot of people didn’t really pay much attention to it. The phablet was the in-thing but still a lot of people preferred a handset that fell under the 5.7 inch mark.

The Nexus 6 didn’t turn out to be a device that was well designed and it surprised people as it revealed itself to be a handset that was past the 5.7 inch mark yet you didn’t need a stylus or both hands to be able to use it.

Google has thought of the Nexus 6 as being a one-time thing and they didn’t really plan on producing better variants of it. Google followed the device up with the Nexus 6P and then the Google Pixel XL, however the latter are very different devices.

One of the best moves for Google would be to take the Nexus 6 and use the design cues on the successor to the Pixel and Pixel XL. At the moment Google has asked for fans to help by offering feedback on the design of the models out at the moment.

The Nexus 6 has been one of the most popular of devices in the Nexus series and this might make it the benchmark for upcoming Pixel devices of the future.

If the rumours are true we are expecting Samsung to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and this would come with a display of 6.2 inches. This is great news for fans of the Nexus 6 around the world.