The Nexus 5 was made between a collaboration of Google and LG and it comes with one of the longest expiration dates as it is now three years old and it’s still reliable.

The reason it has been popular is due to the fact that it offers up some superb hardware. The handset offers the 4.95 inch True HD IPS display at 1080 x 1920 pixels.

The Nexus 5 also offers the Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and the Adreno 300 graphics. When it came out in 2013 it was considered to be a powerhouse of a phone, however it doesn’t match the Pixel XL today.

One thing that has ensured that the Nexus 5 remains popular is the price tag. You can pick up the handset for $180 from Amazon. While it isn’t produced any more by Google you can still get hold of a refurbished unit.

The only downside to the Nexus 5 is that it doesn’t offer the latest OS. This isn’t going to be a huge problem of course as you can always download ROMs. There is little doubt that developers will continue to support it and this will help it to enjoy one of the longest expiration dates of any handset.

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