Next-Gen Ram 1500 Could Borrow Tech From Chrysler Pacifica

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It looks as though the next generation Ram 1500 could have borrowed some of the technology that is found in the Chrysler Pacifica. We recently saw the vehicle in testing and it showed off the reshaped tailgate.

The interior of the Ram 1500 is more luxurious than ever and some of the features look as though they would be right at home in the cabin of the Chrysler Pacifica cockpit. These include the updated Uconnet infotainment interface that comes with the Theatre entertainment system.

The large cab once again this tells us that the Ram 1500 is going to offer up the biggest cab in one of the smallest trucks. It is thought that the truck is going to offer up more legroom than any other ½ ton pickup.

Along with the interior with tech taken from the Chrysler Pacifica the Ram 1500 is going to offer the tailgate that is reshaped which gives the vehicle a muscular and sculpted rear end.

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