New Version Ford Mustang Costs Less Than Honda Civic For First Buyers

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It’s strange but true, you can get peace of mind for less on the Ford Mustang than you can with the Honda Civic. Yes you read right, the Mustang costs less to insure than the Civic.

Of course car insurance varies a great deal in price for people and several factors are taken into account, such as the person’s age, the experience they have and many other facts. Typically if you are under 25 the insurance for your car will be higher when you insure your first vehicle.

if you purchase the Honda Civic and this is your first vehicle then you may expect to pay upwards of $600 for 6 months insurance. However if you buy the Ford Mustang with the V6 engine, the Mustang EcoBoost or the Mustang GT, the insurance for the same period of time comes in at around $500.

So why is it cheaper for first time buyers to insure a Ford Mustang than it is the Honda Civic? The Civic offers up plenty of safety features and it isn’t as fast as the Mustang, so you would have thought it would have been the other way around.

In fact there is a data pool which shows which age groups and cars are more prone to having accidents and making a claim. This means that the model of the vehicle actually goes towards how much insurance you are going to have to pay.

So, first time buyers are able to buy a Ford Mustang and get it for cheaper insurance than they would the Honda Civic.

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