New Toyota Camry Is Along Lines Of Toyota Prius But Without Hybrid

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One of the most successful of the midsized sedans is the Toyota Camry. We are getting much closer to the launch of the next generation of the vehicle and of course people cannot wait to see what it is going to offer up.

The next generation Toyota Camry will arrive next year and it should be able to compete with the semi-autonomous driving tech offered by Honda. Now what people want to know is if the vehicle is going to be exciting to drive.

The Toyota Camry is going to offer up the TNGA platform and the Toyota Prius had the same underpinnings. We are also going to see the same on the new version of the Honda C-HR and the Camry.

This is a lightweight platform and it’s also flexible and it’s the platform that will be the gateway for offering up better fuel economy. We have heard that the fun factor will not be lost and the Toyota Prius did prove this to be true, so the Toyota Camry should follow suit.

One thing that people didn’t like about the Toyota Prius was the fact that the exterior was ugly. This was overridden by the fact that the performance was engaging so people quickly forgot about the looks. It is thought that the same will happen with the next gen Toyota Camry.

It is possible that the Toyota Camry will end up along the same lines as the Prius, which is a midsized sedan that doesn’t come in hybrid. One thing that people do want to see is the Camry losing the design langue of the Prius, but will this be so?

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