New Tesla Model S P100D May Increase Cost Of Autopilot

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Autopilot is the autonomous tech from Tesla but it has been talked about and not everything has been good. There has been talk about whether or not the system should be used on the roads as there has been some high profile crashes associated with the system.

Tesla doesn’t want controversy and they want to look ahead, not behind. Just after the announcement of the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S P100D, it was found that the Autopilot feature got a hike in price.

To get Autopilot for your vehicle you used to have to pay out $3,000, now it is going to cost $3,500. While this hasn’t been a huge change in the price tag, it does tell us that the system is evolving and due to this it is going to keep demanding a higher and higher price tag.

The price tag at the moment isn’t going to do much to turn the Autopilot system into a premium features, but then neither the Tesla Model X nor the Tesla Model S are cheap to buy. If you have the money to spare for either of the vehicles then you aren’t going to worry about paying out for Autopilot.

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